Spot the Number

Finding numbers was never so much fun and so intense. But beware that once you start playing you might lose track of time. Most players do.
You must find numbers on a board as fast as you can. Quite easy to learn and play.

You can play with game on all you mobile devices: android and ios, like Samsung, HTC, Google Pixel, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, etc.
This game is free to download from any of the markets.

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Competing with people all around the world will keep you on your toes. Everyone plays the same game at the same time, and at the end of each game, you will see how you rank against all the other spotters on a live leaderboard. You can brag with your highest hi-score on Facebook and Twitter.

Of course, practice makes perfect, and you will definitely improve your hand eye coordination and sharpen your mind.

Invite your Facebook friends to make the competition more personal and intense!

► How to play

● Take a quick but good look at the numbers on the bottom of the screen, then try to find them as quickly as you can on the board.
● The value of each number you match is multiplied by the time bonus and the color bonus. The time bonus is 5 at the beginning of the board, then it will decrease as time passes. Each color has a corresponding bonus. Try to spot the orange numbers first to score more points.
● For a high score, finish as many boards as you can.


Once activated, the blasters blow away some pieces from the board, helping you to find the target numbers faster. You are equipped with the Standard Blaster (which blasts 5 pieces), however you can get the Mega or Atomic blaster, which blast 7, respectively 9 pieces. Each blaster consumes Gold Bars, which you can gain back by increasing your level or by getting some achievements.


Treasures appear after a Blaster is used. Tap on them for extra points or gifts – they will give you an advantage over other players. The powerful the Blaster you have, the more Treasures are given – so make sure you upgrade for blaster.


You can buy Gold Bars from the Store, or you can get them for FREE by unlocking an achievement or increasing your level. Gold Bars can be exchanged for in-game items, such as Blasters, Nickname or 10 Extra Seconds.


You can exchange for Gold Bars a number of Extra items, such as “Nickname” (which allows you to change your in-game name), “Remove ads”, which will remove all banners from game.

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PLEASE NOTE! Spot the Number is free to play. However, there are in-game power ups and extra features you can buy to fully enjoy this game.


Not the same old games. Very funny
I like this game a lot, it is different something that keeps u on your toes. Good for your mind and memory. Little More challenging then I think pple thing, which is great. I just love funny

I am addicted to this game. I am slowly getting faster and faster at it. Practice makes perfect, right. So this has now became my most favorite game. Please play this game if you want a challenge and lots of fun

I like this game. You have to concentrate on what numbers are below. You lose time by looking at he bottom of the screen to see what is the next number. It’s best if you memorize them right after they are displayed. That way you get a better score.