Match 2 Win

Match 2 Win is a fast multiplayer number matching game with realtime leaderboard ranking and online competition.
Match 2 Win — it’s a great brain exercise and a lot of fun. Download now for free !

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– Simple and Fun
– Each game is only 2 minutes
– The goal is to match pairs of numbers on a board
– The board is solved when all numbers are matched
– While racing against the clock challenge yourself to solve as many boards as possible

– You get points for each match that you make
– The score value of a match is the “sum” of the two numbers “multiplied” by the Color Bonus
– The Color Bonus decreases with lapsing game time. It starts with Purple Bonus (x5), changes to Green Bonus (x4), changes to Red Bonus (x3), changes to Orange Bonus (x2), and finally to Blue Bonus (x1);
– As an example: a pair of 1s found at the beginning of the game would score 10 points; if the time lapses to Blue Bonus, the same pair would only score 2 points.

– Use HINT to find the pair of a selected number
– Use EXTENDER to make the Color Bonus active for a longer time

– FREE to play
– MATCH numbers in this fast puzzle game
– ENJOY endless hours of fun
– CHALLENGE your Facebook friends and beat their scores
– INCREASE your experience and earn achievements
– IMPROVE your memory and eye-to-hand coordination
– PLAY it on all your Android devices